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Single Keyfinder plus Flat Wallet Finder
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Tired of losing or misplacing your keys, wallet, glasses, or remote controls?
Why not save time looking for lost things by using FOFA key finder, and lose the stress instead?Buy the best selling Keyfinder on the market Here.



The best key finder available on the market, remember you dont have a base unit to lose and it is the best Finder on the market!!

 The One  Present Everyone Will Thank You For!

Introducing our Patented Find One Find AllЋ Key Finders, (or FOFAЋ foh-fah, for short). Once a FOFA Key Finder is attached to your keys, wallets, glasses and other easy-to-lose things, it can find and be found by all the rest! Use your wallet to find your keys, your keys to find the remote control, or any of them to find an uncharged or muted cell phone. The possibilities are endless.


  • Effective Range 10M/30FT
  • No Base Units To Lose
  • Braill encrypted for visually impaired
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Includes batteries
  • Taxes included - no hidden costs
  • FREE shipping within Ireland, UK and Europe


Simple to Use 2 Way Wireless System - Find any One and Find them All!
End the Stress of Losing Things - Now!

"Find Lost keys, wallets,glasses, or mobile phones in seconds. FOFA is a super gadget that will make your life a dream. You simply connect one device to your keys or wallet and you have a remote device when clicked will pick up the signal from the precious thing you have misplaced. Bingo whatever missing will start to beep loudly and flash, if withing Range. No base to lose either. Well worth the price" INSPECTA GADGET THE STAR NEWSPAPER FRIDAY 26 FEB 2010

"I was worried about mum losing her glasses and getting annoyed, so I got one of these to put them on her glasses and it helped end the stress, thanks again!" Mairead, Galway, Ireland

"Get one, you will never lose your wallet or keys again", Mark, Leister, UK

 "I would defintely recommend one of these finders, I am always loosing stuff!", Sarah, London, UK